Whats Vamp?

Here is some more work I have been doing in class. Lets call it my Vamp Collection. If you don't know what Vamp means (like me until recently), let me enlighten you. The oh so trustworthy Google described it as 1) The upper front part of a boot or shoe, or 2) A woman who uses sexual attraction to exploit men / Blatantly set out to attract. Want to know what inspired me to type "Vamp definition" into Google? Well let me tell you, this last Saturday I was working on a photo shoot for my school (hopefully pictures will be posted soon!) and there were two cute eight year old twin girls in it. I did one of there makeups, and needless to say we became bestest friends fast! Their mom, being in charge of the photo shoot, brought her jewelry box and we were searching through it to find the prettiest necklace. While mindlessly looking through all the sparkly stuff, I hear her voice chirp "Whats Vamp?" Me looking over to see the silver necklace that had bold letters spelling out VAMP, cluelessly said "Maybe its short for vampire?" Oh was I so wrong! And let me tell ya, that necklace was not talking about the upper front part of a boot. I still think there should be a definition three though: 3) Short for vampire. It makes sense to me...

In some ways Vamp is very Gemalicious. Especially definition number three. :P


Anonymous said…
Wow you are so amazing!

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