Maschere Italiane (#1)

If you didn't know this, recently I went to England for a visit with my Brother and Sister in-law. Since they were so nice and flew me over there, I watched their kids while they went to Rome and Morocco for two well earned vacations. Being the gracious people they are, they brought me back some souvenirs. From Rome I got three very cool hand crafted authentic Italian masks, and from Morocco some Archaic but very awesome makeup (which will be shown in a later post.) They know me so well, I loved all of it! 

So, I have decided to dedicate a Makeup Monday post to each mask I got. I absolutely loved this makeup with and without the mask on. I only wish you guys could see it in person because its so much better then in a picture!

These last two photos are from my phone camera, I know, I know, there not the best quality but I like the composition.

If a mask isn't Gemalicious, then I don't know what is.


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