Blood Before Beauty

Sometimes in the makeup industry you get to play with fake blood, and let me tell ya, it is the BEST DAY EVER! Although you can get a little carried away... adding more blood isn't always the best thing, but like it said it sure is fun! Especially when you acquire some edible blood, make a fake wound on your niece and tell her go and lick it off in front of her mom. Epic! I wish I would have got a video or picture of that.

Anywho, these are pictures of days in my class where we got a little more bloody then beautiful. 

This next one was inspired by a commercial that my teacher did where she had to create a horse shoe wound in a persons forehead. Since I didn't have the time, I settled for a my little pony kick... and some scratches... and bruises. Boy, have I told you yet how fun it is to play with fake blood? :P

All in all, we can conclude that being Gemalicious requires a little bit of gore.

P.S. Here are some others that I did in my UVU Theatrical Makeup Class.


Phyllis said…
Ehhh he he he... My Little Pony kick. I'll warn Ellie of the dangers of pissing off her ponies.

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